Brickville | Case Study | Revamped


Revamping Brickville's online platform led to a 56% sales boost and a 366% surge in organic traffic, showcasing our prowess in website redesign and SEO to enhance both digital and physical store traffic.

Eshan Chaturvedi


Increase in Sales


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Foot Traffic

The Backstory


Brickville, nestled in the cosy suburb of Kensington, Victoria, has rapidly emerged as one of Australia's largest treasure troves for new and used LEGO® bricks, sets, and minifigures since its establishment in April 2022. Our journey with Brickville began as customers, and after discussions about their online sales challenges, we partnered to transform their digital footprint.


The Challenge

Brickville's initial foray into the online world was marked by a self-built website using SquareUp's website builder. The challenge was clear: transition to a more robust platform to enhance online sales without losing their extensive product data and unique store essence. They sought a seamless integration that would not only elevate their online presence but also mirror the in-store experience that made them a community staple.


The Solution

Our collaboration aimed to revitalise Brickville's digital presence with a focus on user experience, seamless operations, and market visibility. Here’s how we tackled the challenge:

  • Platform Migration: Transitioned from SquareUp’s website builder to Shopify, ensuring the transfer of thousands of products and all page information intact.
  • POS and Inventory Integration: Implemented a system to synchronise SquareUp's POS and inventory management with Shopify for real-time updates.
  • Website Redesign: Gave the website a complete overhaul to reflect Brickville’s brand ethos and improve user navigation.
  • SEO Campaign: Launched an SEO campaign focusing on local rankings to drive online and in-store traffic.
  • Review Funnel: Set up a review funnel to build trust and credibility through customer feedback.
  • Visual Content Enhancement: Visited the store to capture updated photos and filmed a store tour, enriching the website and social media content.

The Results

The transformation of Brickville’s online presence marked a new era of growth and community engagement, yielding remarkable results that far exceeded expectations.

  • 56% Increase in Sales: Demonstrating the direct impact of an optimised online store on revenue.
  • 30% Increase in Conversion Rate: Reflecting improved user experience and trust in the brand.
  • 3.6x Organic Traffic Increase (366%): A testament to the effectiveness of our SEO and content strategies.
  • 40% Increase in Foot Traffic (Tracked via clicks on the "Get Directions" button on Google Business Profile): Indicating a successful blend of online visibility leading to more in-store visits.

The overhaul not only addressed the technical challenges but also redefined Brickville's online identity, making it a digital extension of the physical store that Sean dreamed of. This case study exemplifies our ability to leverage digital solutions to amplify the essence of a brand, driving both online and offline growth.