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The Retail Correction

Overhauling The Retail Correction's site saved $10,000+ in fees, increased website speed by 63%, and boosted conversions and customer numbers by 25% and 32%, respectively, showcasing the impact of our custom web and membership solutions.

Eshan Chaturvedi


Saved In Third Party Fees


Increase in Website Speed


Increase in Conversions


Increase in Customers

The Backstory


The Retail Correction stands as a unique marketplace, offering its members weekly access to hundreds of previously sold-out sneakers and apparel at retail prices, alongside exclusive sneaker raffles. For a $30 monthly fee, members gain entry to a world of high-demand sneakers without the premium resell markups. Facing the challenge of integrating an in-house membership and referral system to enhance user experience and autonomy, they sought a comprehensive solution to retain customer interactions within their own digital ecosystem.


The Challenge

The primary challenge for The Retail Correction was transitioning from a model that depended on third-party platforms for membership management to an integrated, in-house system. This move was aimed at streamlining the membership process and incorporating a referral system, all while undergoing a significant website redesign to reflect their brand's cutting-edge appeal and improve overall user engagement.


The Solution

Our collaborative efforts focused on overhauling The Retail Correction's digital presence to not only enhance functionality but also to embody the brand's ethos more authentically. The solution encompassed:

  • Website Redesign: Implemented a fully customizable theme with drag-and-drop widgets, allowing for easy updates and personalization.
  • Custom Graphics: Enhanced the site's visual appeal with bespoke graphic designs, aligning with the brand's identity.
  • Website Redesign: Gave the website a complete overhaul to reflect Brickville’s brand ethos and improve user navigation.
  • Referral System: Developed a custom referral program, seamlessly integrated within the Shopify platform, to incentivize and reward member referrals.
  • Membership System: Engineered a comprehensive membership system within Shopify, automating account creation upon membership purchase and streamlining the user experience.

The Results

The Retail Correction's website transformation and the introduction of an in-house membership system led to significant achievements:

  • Cost Savings: Eliminated over $10,000+ in fees previously paid to third-party systems.
  • Increased Speed: Achieved a 63% faster website, enhancing user satisfaction and reducing bounce rates.
  • Conversion Boost: Improved site design and functionality led to higher conversion rates.
  • Customer Acquisition: Expanded customer acquisition channels, bolstering the brand's growth and market presence.

This comprehensive approach not only resolved The Retail Correction's initial challenges but also set a new standard for their operational efficiency and customer engagement. By bringing essential services in-house and optimizing the digital experience, we helped The Retail Correction to not just meet but exceed their strategic goals, proving the power of tailored digital solutions in enhancing brand value and market competitiveness.