YAU Picks | Case Study | Revamped

YAU Picks

Developing Yau Picks' online platform enriched user education, simplified plan purchases, and broadened its audience, creating a comprehensive resource for match betting enthusiasts and affirming its dominance in Australia's betting education sector.

Eshan Chaturvedi

The Backstory


Yau Picks has become an essential resource for individuals keen to profit from match betting in Australia. Offering a wealth of information and resources, Yau Picks aims to demystify match betting and provide practical insights for users, from novices to seasoned punters.


The Challenge

The primary challenge for Yau Picks was to establish a digital platform that would not only serve as a comprehensive informational resource but also facilitate direct interaction and transactions with users. They needed a website that could house educational content, display testimonials, address common queries, and allow for the straightforward purchase of service plans.


The Solution

In collaboration with Yau Picks, we developed a holistic digital strategy, encompassing:

  • Website Development: We crafted and launched a user-friendly website featuring sections for Plans, About Us, Testimonials, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). This platform was designed to educate users about match betting while offering an intuitive experience for exploring and utilising services.
  • Direct Plan Purchase: The website was enhanced with functionality that allows users to directly purchase plans, simplifying the process and improving user experience. This feature enabled Yau Picks to efficiently handle transactions and subscriptions.
  • Klaviyo Integration: The website was integrated with Klaviyo to distribute SMS newsletters, enabling Yau Picks to deliver personalised content, updates, and betting tips directly to users’ mobile devices.

The Results

The strategic initiatives had a transformative effect on Yau Picks:

  • Improved User Experience: The new website not only served as a thorough educational resource but also streamlined the user journey for purchasing plans, leading to an uptick in conversions and customer loyalty.
  • Enhanced Communication: Integrating Klaviyo for SMS newsletters facilitated consistent, direct communication with the audience, boosting engagement and building community loyalty.
  • Solidified Market Position: By combining accessible educational content with direct purchasing capabilities and effective communication tools, Yau Picks solidified its position as a leading authority in the Australian match betting community.

The strategic enhancements to Yau Picks’ digital presence have markedly increased its ability to educate and engage with its audience, fostering growth and laying a robust foundation for its ongoing success in the match betting sector.